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Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante presence in Champions League final doubtful

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N’Golo Kante has been instrumental to Chelsea’s success in the Champions League this season, and the Blues hope the defensive midfielder, who was hurt in the basket during the Premier League game against Leicester City, from Manchester City in the Champions League will be ready to fight for the finals on Saturday.

Manchester City and former England goalkeeper David James believe that Thorn’s well-being will be one of the most important factors in this clash between the EPL giants.

James said, “It remains to be seen whether it was actually a tear from his hamstring or if he came out remembering it could be a tear. If the latter is true, then it is difficult for him to be fit for the finals. He was unprecedented throughout the season and without him, Chelsea struggled to control the games. For me, Kante is the most important player for Chelsea along with goalkeeper Edouard Mendy (who is also returning from a rib injury).”

“Yes, there is a possibility that he will be at the bottom of his mind. I wonder if Thomas Tuchel kept him in the team just to suggest that he was available and Pep Guardiola to make changes to his plans. Some mind games will continue,” said James.

The former goalkeeper, who has 93 majors for Man City between 2004-06, believes his former club will be the favorites in the final, even though they have lost the last two games against Chelsea.

“I don’t think these two defeats will have any effect on the final. In the FA Cup semi-finals, City rested some players. And before the EPL game (Chelsea won 2–1), Man City held almost everything to its name.” 

“While Man City players will also be rested, Chelsea had to fight until the last day of the league to ensure CL qualification. Add to that the kind of football City has played throughout the season and it must be the favorite,” James added.

James also feels that this will be the most important match for Pep Guardiola’s coaching career.

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