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Chelsea vs Dinamo Zagreb 2-1 Win

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The winger has struggled since leaving Manchester City in the summer, but in a 2-1 victory over Dinamo Zagreb, he looked like his former unstoppable self. Wednesday night’s final Champions League match saw Chelsea defeat Dinamo Zagreb 2-1 thanks to a polished performance. The Blues, who had already clinched first place in Group E, were penalized for their sluggish start as Bruno Petkovic of Dinamo took advantage of some errant play to put his team ahead after just seven minutes.

To smartly find an equalizer, Raheem Sterling took advantage of defensive lapses at the opposite end, and after 30 minutes, Denis Zakaria sprinted into the area unnoticed to score Chelsea’s second goal. Graham Potter switched positions around the hour mark, but his decision to remove Zakaria, whose promising debut was cut short by injury, compelled him to use considerable force.

The Performing Side:

Denis Zakaria: Good things come to those who wait, and Zakaria had to wait patiently, my goodness. However, it paid off when he gave an outstanding performance in his belated Blues debut. He tackled with tenacity but consideration, was well-placed, and calmly finished to put Chelsea in front after a well-planned opening. A fantastic show of confidence for everyone concerned. We can only hope that his injury is minor and that he can continue.

Raheem Sterling: A goal that would greatly benefit him and come at a crucial moment before a crucial match against Arsenal at the weekend Since joining Chelsea in the summer, Sterling’s performances have been hit-and-miss, and he has struggled to score. However, he demonstrated against Dinamo that he is almost unplayable when he is at his best, and critically, was given greater freedom to advance.

Reece James: It’s necessary to talk about Reece James and how crucial he is to Chelsea’s success while also discussing Sterling’s position. That is only highlighted by his absence. You need a guy of the same caliber out wide while using so many technical, center players and trying to control possession. James embodies that. His ability to extend the play, create up overloads, and weave passing exchanges across large spaces is crucial to getting past the opposition’s defenses.

The Losing Side:

Ben Chilwell: James’ absence gave Chilwell the opportunity to step up and force Chelsea to play exclusively via the left flank by demonstrating his talent. But it doesn’t seem to be taking place. Chilwell doesn’t appear to be able to genuinely impact games the way James can, which is incredibly disappointing given his talent. This could be due to a lack of confidence following his injury comeback or simply a lack of ability to hang at the highest level.

Cesar Azpilicueta: Azpilicueta is suddenly starting to resemble the Undertaker prior to his retirement when Thiago Silva is defying the rules of aging much like Randy Orton over in WWE; not bald, just over the hill. It’s obvious that Chelsea is a much superior team without him in the starting lineup after being outjumped for the first goal and frantically attempting to keep up with his central defensive teammates.

Chelsea fans: They deserve some early leniency because it’s a chilly Wednesday night and their squad had already secured a spot in the knockout rounds regardless of the outcome. All right. The sympathy stops there. The away fans of Dinamo Zagreb never stopped cheering for their team as they gradually lost interest in the game. Meanwhile, Chelsea’s support was insignificant.

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