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Casemiro: Zidane means a lot to me still I get nervous talking to him 

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While talking with boss Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro says he is still getting nervous.

Despite those remaining fears, the duo has formed a tight partnership, with Zidane continually pushing Casemiro to develop as a midfielder.

“I am feeling a little nervous talking to him even today,” Casemiro told The Guardian. “I told him he had no idea what he means for us, for me.”

“Yeah, I’m telling him this: you’ve taken away the ’98 [World Cup] but it didn’t change anything. As I know him now, I can say he deserves it. He is amazing: the humility, the way he presents football. He treats us so lovingly and with such respect.”

“He is really insistent; he always says: ’Case, you should do more: move out of the second line, feed midfielders, move the ball out clean.’”

“Perhaps I’ve had more protagonism with the ball this year, but I still know my job: rob the ball, send it to my co-mates. But Zizou is pesado, hard going: to still talking to me, wanting more.”

“He says: ‘I’m not asking you to do something you can’t do; I’m asking you to do what you can.’ He trusts me a lot.”

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