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Carragher on Mbappe future: Liverpool would be the perfect option before Real Madrid move

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Former England defender Jamie Carragher believes an ideal move for striker Kylian Mbappe’s career would be a move from PSG to Liverpool.

“I’m not joking. Such a thought is based on the fact that Liverpool were high on their chances of signing Mbappe when he played for Monaco. I know Jurgen Klopp was in contact with him at the time. I’m sure other clubs did too,” Carragher told CBS Sports.

“When Liverpool played in the Champions League final and won that tournament a couple of years ago, I think everyone looking at that Klopp’s Liverpool thought Mbappe would be better off going to that English club before going to Real Madrid.”

“I think he will definitely end up at Real Madrid at some point in his career. But I always thought that for such a player, Liverpool would be the perfect option before that move.”

“It would either be Liverpool or Manchester City because those are the two top clubs to watch in the Premier League. Mbappe made some posts when Liverpool were playing at home in the Champions League and that encouraged us a bit.”

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