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Carlo Ancelotti aims to see Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid for next season

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New Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti hopes Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale stay at the club, amid their future speculations. Contract extension or a change in the club of both the players is not certain until now.

“Sergio Ramos is a very important player for Real Madrid; he has been a very important player and we are going to talk to him,” the Italian said at his media unveiling on Wednesday according to Marca.

Former Everton manager is aware that Ramos’ future is dubious yet he aims to train the veteran defender next season at the Madrid club. Ramos’ deal is set to terminate in a few days, and no breakthrough appears to be on the horizon while the Spaniard has long been in discussion about a new agreement.

“I know he is talking to the club about the renewal but I have no details. We will talk about this in a few days,” said Ancelotti.

Although his 2020-21 season was hindered by injuries, which ultimately lost him a spot with Spain at Euro 2020, the 35-year-old skipper still established his worth.

Ancelotti responded when questioned if he could imagine Madrid losing a player who has been at the club for 16 years. “What I know is that Real Madrid are going to fight for all competitions with the best possible squad.”

“About Sergio Ramos, I just arrived and now I have to talk to the club about all this. This has been very fast. We started talking on Saturday and I still haven’t had time to talk to the club. I really want to coach these players and Sergio Ramos is one of them. I have to plan the squad in the next few days because we haven’t had time yet.”

Carlo Ancelotti has also spoken out about the future of midfielder Gareth Bale. Last season Bale was serving Tottenham on loan. According to As the coach told “He didn’t have many games in the EPL but he scored a lot. He has been very effective in recent matches, he has got stability. I know him well. If he is motivated, he can have a great season – I have no doubt about that.”

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