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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Camano: Hakimi will be linking up with Real Madrid 

Camano: Hakimi will be linking up with Real Madrid 

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Alejandro Camano who is an agent of the Borussia Dortmund loanee, claims that Achraf Hakimi aims to play for Real Madrid.

Amidst the rumors, Hakimi sees his long-term future with Madrid’s La Liga giants at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“When the season finishes, he’ll be linking up with Real Madrid,” Camano told Onda Madrid

“After that, we will see what happens.”

“He needs to be playing games like this season, where every match has begun. There’s no rush in there. His only ambition is to play games that will help him grow.”

“There’s a great conversation with Real Madrid and they still want to see him on their radar and what we don’t want is to separate ourselves from them too much.”

“Anyway, we’ll find an understanding of some type about whether he stays or goes, but without overlooking that the goal is to play for Real Madrid one day because, for him, it’s the greatest club in the world.”

“It may be a quick wait if Real Madrid offers him to join now or wait a long time if he doesn’t accept, but the target is still the same-end up playing for the world’s best team.”

Hakimi himself confirmed that his goal was to return to Real Madrid but in April he was flattered by recorded transfer interest.