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Cadiz vs Valencia match referee opened up on racist conflict

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A racist incident took place during the La Liga match Cadiz vs Valencia. The report of referee David Medie Jimenez, who worked at the same match, has been published.

After claiming he had been insulted by Cadiz player Juan Cala, Valencia defender Mouctar Diakhaby left the field in the first half.

Other Valencia players also left in solidarity but returned and resumed the game after 25 minutes.

“In the 29th minute, I interrupted the game due to a conflict between the players of the two teams.”

“Valencia player Mouctar Diakhaby, after receiving a yellow card for arguing with his opponent, told me verbatim the following: “He called me black shit” (negro de mierda), pointing at Cadiz player Juan Cala. No member of the refereeing team heard that,” the report says as per Marca.

“After a while, the Valencia players decided to leave the pitch and so the match was temporarily suspended. Both teams returned to their changing rooms.”

“After a few minutes of discussion, the Valencia representative, in the presence of the Cádiz representative, told us that they had decided to replace Mouctar Diakhaby and to continue the match. In addition, it was decided to give both teams 5 minutes to warm up to avoid injuries.”

“The game resumed after 24 minutes of stoppage time and then proceeded as normal.”

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