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Busquets could talk for five or six hours about Barcelona situation

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Barcelona endured a drama-filled 2020, and on what is going on at the club Sergio Busquets, a long-serving midfielder, has strong opinions.

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets says he could talk about the turbulence at the club for “five or six hours.”

Busquets holds strong opinions on the state of his club, currently on international duty with Spain, but indicated that it would take a considerable amount of time to discuss them all.

“One thing is what happens outside, which is not the best moment of the club,” he told a media conference ahead of Spain’s Nations League clash with Ukraine claim Sport. “And another what happens in the field, which was not our best year and it shows at an individual and collective level.”

“If I stopped to give my opinion carefully, it could be five or six hours”

“On the field it was not our best year. Football is a team sport and if you are not well collectively, you will not be individual. But it has already happened and we have a new opportunity. Things have changed and we hope it will get better.”

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