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Burger King trolled Real Madrid player Eden Hazard

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The Real Madrid dream of Eden Hazard has easily turned into the kind of bed-wetting nightmare where a kid will have to run to their mummy for help.

Chelsea signed the footballer for an initial £ 89 m, now the Belgian is not only about to get to the Santiago Bernabeu in a contract that could climb as high as £ 150 m, but he’s still about to get somewhere near.

To date, in 35 games Hazard has managed a four-goal return and seven assists over a season and a half. They are not the kind of figures that you would expect from a guy called one of the best in the world and Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘marquee’ successor.

He managed to contribute to 11 goals, but Hazard has only been ruled out with his ninth injury since joining Real Madrid, when he was reduced to being mocked by Burger King.

Rupal Purohit
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