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Bundesliga Matches Are Going to Have a 50% Attendance Limit

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Among the football news today, Bundesliga matches going are have a 50% attendance limit. Because Germany have reintroduced some COVID restrictions, stadiums can, for now, host a maximum of 15,000 fans only.

German authorities fear a fourth wave of COVID is oncoming and it may risk overwhelming intensive care units. The country recorded more than 73,000 new infections and 388 deaths on Thursday, after all.

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor Olaf Scholz agreed a number of measures with the country’s 16 states’ leaders.

And these new lockdown regulations included the reduction of fans at outdoor and indoor sports events.

Bundesliga stadiums had mostly been operating on near-full capacity this season.

Bundesliga Matches Are Going to Have a 50% Attendance Limit

But Germany’s government must now reduce their stadium crowds to minimise the risk of infection and the spread of COVID-19.

“A temporary limit on the number of fans in the stadium is understandable,” German Football League chief Christian Seifert said.

“The DFL hopes that this decision by the federal government and the states leads to an improvement of the pandemic situation.”

It means this weekend’s games, including Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich on Saturday will see major changes. Only as many as 15,000 fans can now go watch this match between the two biggest German Bundesliga giants live.

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