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Buenos Aires judge ordered the arrest of Maradona’s doctor

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According to a report in Spain, Diego Maradona’s personal doctor has been charged with culpable homicide in relation to the Argentina legend’s death last week.

Marca reported on Sunday that the arrest of Dr. Leopoldo Luque had been ordered by a judge in Buenos Aires and a warrant has also been issued for police to search his house and clinic.

About 60 police officers took part in the raids at both properties, reported the newspaper.

Maradona, 60, died of a heart attack at his home in Tigre last Wednesday where he was recovering having undergone brain surgery a few weeks prior at the Olivos clinic in Buenos Aires.

The prosecution is investigating whether Maradona was given the appropriate medical discharge when he was transferred from the clinic and why there was no specialist doctor or ambulance at the house.

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