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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Bruno Fernandes was remembered by Borghetti talking about €40,000 signing 

Bruno Fernandes was remembered by Borghetti talking about €40,000 signing 

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The man who took Bruno Fernandes to Italy as a hard worker who did not adjust even as he performed for Manchester United, remembered him in an exclusive interview with Football Italia.

Mauro Borghetti is the former director of the youth sector of Novara and the person who is 2012, scouted and signed Bruno Fernandes from Boavista along with Javier Ribalta. Borghetti tells Football Italia, “We did a scouting job for Fernandes, went to see the Boavista U19 squad playing that Saturday, and he was the name we were watching.”

“He had the right age-range and the right potential cost, even if the fee was slightly beyond our means, around €40,000.”

“It’s nothing if you think about the player he is today but at that time he was an unknown player and signing him for that money was an important investment for a club like Novara. We took the responsibility.”

To join Udinese the next year Fernandes left Novara for €5m, Novara’s most lucrative sale ever. A player who stood out for his personality as well as his ability, Borghetti recalled.

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