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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Bronckhorst wants Barca star to stay a one-club man

Bronckhorst wants Barca star to stay a one-club man

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Giovanni van Bronckhorst hopes that an agreement will be made that would enable Lionel Messi to stay a one-club man, while recently the Argentinean star was in reports to depart from Camp Nou.

Bronckhorst “can’t imagine a Barcelona without him”.

“He’s one of the few people to remain at the same club for his life. I respect him as a guy and athlete so hopefully, he’ll continue there. That’s something I’d want to see.”

“I met him when he was 16 and now he is 33.” Van Bronckhorst said to AFP Sport.

“He’s grown into a fine human being, he’s a family man and he’s more than willing to make his own choices on where his life resides and when he’s going.”

“He will decide himself, but I can’t imagine a Barcelona without him.”

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