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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Bosnia and Herzegovina lost to Poland in Zenica

Bosnia and Herzegovina lost to Poland in Zenica

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Poland surpassed the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina with 1: 2 in the match of the second round of Group 1 of the UEFA A League of Nations.

Until the 24th minute there was no opportunity when the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina came to the advantage. 

Jan Bednarek improperly stopped Elvir Koljić in his penalty area and referee Cüneyt Çakır awarded a penalty. Haris Hajradinović was accurate from the penalty spot, for whom this was also the first goal in the A national team jersey.

In the 36th minute, the Poles had the first chance. Kamil Grosicki neatly controlled the ball after a short corner and knocked it on to Kamil Glik who had the whole net open before him but only managed to hit the post. Arkadiusz Milik had a good opportunity in the 45th minute, but Poles equalized after the BiH defenders threw the ball into the corner. Again, Grosicki centered on Glik, who is accurate for 1: 1 this time.

The guests reversed the score in the 67th minute. This time Grosicki sends the ball into the net with his head and for the victory as he jumps well after a cross by Maciej Rybus. Ahead of Poland and the Netherlands, after two rounds, Italy leads with four goals with three points each, while BiH has one point.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Poland 1: 2 (Hajradinovic 24 – penalty / Glik 45, Grosicki 67)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Begović, Kvržić, Saničanin, Bičakčić, Ćivić, Hadžiahmetović, Bešić, Hajradinović, Gojak, Hodžić and Koljić.

Poland: Fabianski, Rybus, Bednarek, Glik, Kedziora, Krychowiak, Goralski, Grosicki, Zielinski, Joziwak, Milik.

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