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Boris Johnson opposes Super League

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson opposes European Super League and has done more politics than his Spanish and Italian counterparts. Boris Johnson, along with other European leaders, strengthened against the Super League.

“How can a kind of cartel be formed that prevents clubs from playing against each other without the hope and enthusiasm of the fans in the country?” Johnson said in a Downing Street news briefing on Tuesday.

He has reiterated that football officials “have the full support of his government to require any action to end these plans”. On Tuesday, the Premier League said it “considers all available actions” to halt the progress of the Super League.

When the issue was pressurized, Johnson’s official spokesman said that even if officials like the Premier League lose their temper and go with the Super League, the government’s current tone suggests that this is unlikely to happen.

In a statement to Parliament on Monday, Johnson’s culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, said it meant exploring drastic measures. He said, “We are looking at every option, from governance reforms to competition law and football to be replaced. We will review whatever the government is doing to play these clubs. “

“I would be sorry to ask you why Johnson, a free-market liberal with a longstanding objection to the state’s interference, is suddenly contemplating going to legislation “to ensure these proposals are put on hold”. “What’s more interesting is the extent to which Johnson is willing to throw conservative economic conservatives under the bus if he believes it will help him win the next election.”

Conservative lawmakers, many of whom have been frightened by Johnson’s drift into the free market economy since he became prime minister, are comfortable with the current noise coming from Downing Street.

Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Juventus are three of the 12 founding clubs of the Super League. Conservative MP and Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee chairman Damian Collins told CNN that while his priority is “an agreement between the governing bodies that forces the Super League to withdraw,” the government needs to find its own League and should have options to prevent English clubs from joining the new competition.

If the current laws prove inadequate, which is likely, the government will “have to bring in new laws to protect the integrity of our sports competition”, Collins said.

The Prime Minister came directly and said that he wanted to stop this Super League. Anything other than preventing Premier League clubs from continuing with Super League would be a political failure. Realistically, Johnson has only two ways to change the opinion of clubs: discouragement and legal action.

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