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Bonucci: Italy is ‘not scared’ about playing England

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Italy, the first finalist of the Euro 2020 will play against England at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. According to Leonardo Bonucci, Italy is ‘not scared’ about playing England. The Juventus defender also praised Harry Kane: ‘One of the world’s top strikers.’ In the UEFA Euro 2020 Final, the Azzurri will face England on Sunday at 8 p.m. UK time. The football match schedule as per ist is 12:30 am on Monday, July 12th.

“The possible victory is an important step for Italian football,” Bonucci said at a press conference which was held remotely as three journalists who follow the Azzurri at the Euros tested positive for COVID. “It would be a great satisfaction for all the Italians. We don’t want excuses, we are only focused on the game and we are looking forward to playing,” the 34-year-old said.

“We only think about playing football and have fun, we don’t care about the rest. We are not worried about playing against them at Wembley. They have great strikers and everybody, not just the defenders, will need to pay attention. We know how they can create trouble for us, we need to pay attention to their speed,” the defender continued.

“Harry Kane is among the best strikers in the world, but we’ve already faced world-class forwards. We are motivated because we don’t want to concede. We are looking forward to playing, even if most fans will be English. We want to achieve something historical with a great performance.”

“England has a solid defence, they’ve conceded little. Maguire and Stones have made great things at Manchester United and City. We end the season on July 12 and two days later, we meet again to begin the holidays together, that says a lot about our relationship off the pitch,” Bonucci said.

“I will do the usual things: watch series, talk to my friends and family. I’ve been lucky enough to live these situations many times in my career, in the Champions League at the Euros and the Confederations Cup. I am calm and I hope to transmit this feeling to my teammates, we are looking forward to playing.”

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