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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Bielsa says Guardiola has changed football while Pep praised the Leeds coach

Bielsa says Guardiola has changed football while Pep praised the Leeds coach

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Manchester City is scheduled to play against Leeds United today and before the clash City coach, Pep Guardiola described Marcel Bielsa as “the most authentic coach” and admitted that Bielsa is a better coach. 

Guardiola learned a lot from Bielsa and always claimed that he was one of his football idols.

“The value of a coach does not depend on the number of trophies or awards he has won. My teams have won more trophies than his, but in terms of knowledge of the game and other things, including coaching training, I am still behind him. He is probably the person most I admire football – both as a coach and as a person,” Guardiola said.

On the other hand, Bielsa reports that Guardiola has changed football.

“Pep inadvertently did a lot of damage to football. It created a system whereby teams defend themselves against Guardiola’s football. Who is a better coach? Klopp is one thing, Guardiola is one thing and I am another. We can’t compare” conveys Marca the words of the coach who won a place in the Premier League with Leeds last season.

The match Leeds – City is played today from 18:30. 

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