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Benzema insists Tupac Instagram post was not ‘betrayal’ dig at Mbappe

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Karim Benzema said he does not feel “betrayed” by Kylian Mbappe’s choice to remain with Paris Saint-Germain rather than join Real Madrid.

Mbappe officially revealed on Saturday that he had signed a new three-year deal with PSG, ending months of uncertainty.

Few expected Madrid to make this move, considering their apparent belief that the France international would join them on a free transfer at the end of June.

Mbappe’s choice enraged LaLiga president Javier Tebas, while others close to Madrid were thought to be taken aback.

Later that day, Benzema’s Instagram post with a portrait of late rapper Tupac Shakur drew particular attention since it was interpreted as a veiled reference to treachery.

According to the Madrid-based newspaper Marca, which is generally regarded as having strong ties to Los Blancos, Benzema had been essential in persuading international team-mate Mbappe to join the club, hence why he might have felt betrayed.

But Benzema is adamant such stories are nonsense.

Speaking to Movistar Plus on Tuesday, Benzema said:

“I will tell you that we will play a Champions League final on Saturday. This is not the time to talk about those little things. I’d rather not speak.

“I’m not angry, and I’m just telling you that I’m focused on the Champions League final, which is more important than listening to other things.”

Asked if he felt “betrayed”, Benzema continued: “Why? Everyone has to be focused on their things.

“Mbappe and other players have no reason to call me. Everyone decides their future. I’m calm here, preparing for Saturday’s game. Each person does what he wants.

“There is no history of betrayal or anything… Every month and a half, I [post] photos of Tupac, who is my favourite.

“It’s not a photo with a message; I will see the person if I have a message. Madrid is the best club globally, but it was not a message.”

Benzema did acknowledge, however, that the news was unexpected.

“I was surprised, like everyone else,” he said. “He is a Paris player, and we have a game on Saturday.”

Both players are expected to be on international duty with France next month when Les Bleus begin their Nations League title defence.

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