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Ben Stokes: England team is not defined by Euro 2020 results

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England’s Ben Stokes said on Monday that he hopes the football team will not be defined by their defeat in the Euro 2020 final. Italy on Sunday put an end to England’s Euro 2020 dream at the Wembley Stadium. The Azzurri beat England 3-2 on penalties after 90 minutes of normal action ended 1-1 and failed to break the extra-time deadlock. 

Ben Stokes said after Euro 2020 final, “I hope they are not defined by it. You see where they have gone in the last two or three years and they have managed to achieve things and you know this is such a young team.” ESPNcricinfo.

“He has a lot more time to go out and win the trophy for England. They are blessed with their youth. The England team has never been so interesting to watch. They are not as massive as the other boys in football,” Stokes said.

“You know they’ll be devastated. It will probably take a few more weeks. But I am sure that once they overcome this and understand what they can achieve, there will be huge opportunities for them. Boys, no doubt about it,” he said.

It was the first time since 1966 that England had reached the final of a major international competition. Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka missed their chance to score in the play-offs for England. Then the English players were racially abused on the social network.

“They will be completely devastated, no doubt about it. But what they have achieved is incredible. What they have done on the field has completely captured the country. Obviously, everyone in the country wanted to see England win,” Stokes added. “You feel a real connection with the team. The way Gareth Southgate led, the way Gareth Southgate speaks… I think he was phenomenal in everything he did.”

“We, as a national team, although in another sport, are incredibly proud of what they have managed to do. This is such a young, talented team that the sky is the limit for them. There are still many years left, the more he has to prove himself in the tournament. But in my eyes and in the eyes of everyone in this locker room, there are already complete legends,” he said.

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