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Ben Chilwell: Chelsea had a similar spirit to Leicester City

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A fringe member of the Leicester squad who completed a shock championship triumph four years ago, Chilwell, 23, feels a similar environment among the Stamford Bridge players.

According to Ben Chilwell, Chelsea had a similar spirit to Leicester City during their title-winning Premier League campaign in 2015-16.

The environment of the Chelsea squad reminds Ben Chilwell of what he witnessed with Leicester City when he won the Premier League.

“We’re not looking that far ahead. What I’m finding quite interesting is the confidence of the group,” Chilwell told The Guardian.

“There doesn’t seem to be any drop-off at any stage and hopefully that will continue for the rest of the season because we have a great squad. The positive thing is we don’t get carried away.”

“When we won the league with Leicester in 2016, when I was fortunate enough to be in the squad at 18 or 19 years old, what I found was that the boys were going into every game confident they were going to win. At the moment with Chelsea, that’s what the group feels like.”

“When we go into matches we feel like we can’t really lose at the moment, which is a great thing to have as long as you work hard with it.”

“I knew the expectations are to win titles and trophies. That’s the reason I wanted to come. I’m 23 years old and it was important to come to a club where hopefully I can win stuff.”

“The manager makes sure the standards don’t slip. We all see how hard he works and it rubs off on us.”

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