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Bellingham taken aback by his quick ascent at Dortmund

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Jude Bellingham has acknowledged that he did not anticipate becoming into as important for Borussia Dortmund as rapidly as he has, and he gives the club’s coaches credit for fostering his growth.

The 19-year-old international from England has proved crucial to Edin Terzic’s team.

He has started 52 games since the 2020–21 season began.

moving from Championship team Birmingham City to the Bundesliga two years ago.

Bellingham’s ascent has been spectacular with 15 appearances for England and plenty of club experience.

Bellingham, though, has long been predicted to become a star.

He has acknowledged that events have developed far more quickly than he had anticipated.

Prior to their away Champions League matchup against Manchester City on Wednesday, he stated:

“All of it has been a bit of a surprise – I didn’t think I’d come here and have the impact that I’ve had as quickly.

“I thought I’d have to wait a bit longer to get in the team and play many minutes.

“But I’ve got to give credit to the staff, the coaches that I’ve had, Lucien Favre and Marco Rose, because they’ve thrown me into the deep end, given me the exposure, the chance to learn.

“I’ve got qualities that maybe I didn’t know I had before I came.

“It’s all down to them, giving me the trust and managing to get it out of me.”

Erling Haaland, who left the squad before the transfer window to join City, will provide Bellingham and his Dortmund teammates with a challenge.

Bellingham is unsure of how to stop Haaland, who has been on fire since arriving to England with 12 goals in 8 games across all competitions.

Bellingham added:

“I’m not sure, to be honest; we’ll have to find out [in the game].

“He’s a player with a lot of quality and physical attributes that make him so dangerous.

“It’s not a thing that’s an individual task.

“It’s something the team has to deal with collectively.

“We stick together, try to do the right things without the ball, then it can be possible.”

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