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Beckham choose Messi over Ronaldo

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David Beckham claimed that Lionel Messi is the obvious favorite one, in the current discussion over the greatest footballer in the world.

In recent years Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have sparked the debate of best front-runners, whereas earlier South American stars Pele and Diego Maradona used to be known as the two front-runners for greatest ever accolades. 

Messi has sparked the debate for the Ballon d’Or title and won unprecedented six times for Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Messi is alone as a competitor in his team, it’s difficult for anyone else to be there like him,” Beckham told Argentine news agency Telam. 

“As a player there is no one other like him. He, like Ronaldo, is above the rest. They may have similarities in technique and talent. It is great for football to have them both playing at the same time. But Messi is the best player in the world for me.” Beckham commented on Cristiano and Leo

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