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Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga opener won’t host fans

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A spike in coronavirus cases will leave the Allianz Arena empty, although a limited number of fans were expected to attend Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga opener against Schalke 04.

The Allianz Arena will again be left empty due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Munich, and this can only be considered a setback.

As city officials reacted to an increase in coronavirus cases that forced them to make a tough decision to ban spectators Bayern Munich will not be able to host fans, with the Bundesliga opener just a few hours away.

Deutsche Welle reported the news via its Twitter account and will certainly have additional details and information as this story unfolds.

Bayern Munich had planned to allow 7,500 fans to attend the match, but the plans have gone out of the window as of now.

As this story evolves, we will provide additional information and details as they become available to the media.

Rupal Purohit
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