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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Barcelona president Bartomeu wants to persuade Messi to stay at the club

Barcelona president Bartomeu wants to persuade Messi to stay at the club

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Josep Maria Bartomeu president of Barcelona realized that Messi really intended to leave and that the devil had taken the joke, so he requested an urgent meeting with the best player in the world.

The boss of the club wants to convince Messi to change his mind and stay by meeting him and to hear in private why the Argentine wants to leave. This news was first published by Catalan Radio, and then it was transmitted by all Spanish sports portals.

The club’s position was clearly stated by the technical director Ramon Planes last afternoon. Messi cannot activate the exit clause and can only leave if someone offers 700 million euros for him. As Mess did not activate the exit clause until June 10 this year so the Barcelona management claims that the law is on their side.

On the other hand, because the season has been extended due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Argentine and his lawyers believe that the exit clause is applicable even now.

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