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Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez Post match interview

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Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez spoke to the media in Riyadh after his team’s 2 – 3 loss to Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercopa semi-finals.

Xavi spoke about his team’s effort, the results, and the performance of both teams.

“We have lost. We have been superior to Real Madrid at many times,” Xavi said.

“We cannot have high morale because we have lost, but it is a very important turning point.”

Xavi said that when down 2 – 3, they had many opportunities to tie the game, but that Real Madrid also had the chance to make it 2 – 4.

“We were close to the 3-3 on several occasions. They also had 4-2.” Xavi explained.

“We’re sad, we’re angry. We can be proud of the game we played”

Xavi also further explained his analysis on the game, as well as how close he thinks Barcelona are to Real Madrid currently.

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez Post match interview

“We have dominated them in many phases,” Xavi said.

“Due to our mistakes of not stopping the opposition, they took advantage of us. We leave with pride, but certainly sad for the result.

We feel very bad for the defeat, but proud for the game and for dominating the rival.

We lacked patience, responsibility, but we are on the right track. We lack that inflection point to go up.

Xavi was pleased with his side’s display and said his players could be proud of their efforts.

“I think we were better than Madrid in terms of play, dominance, and we had the game under control,” he told Movistar.

“‘We took a lot of risks and we knew how to control transitions, and this is the way to compete.

“In the end, we had the match and if you toss a coin and it comes up heads, nobody would have said anything, but tails came up

“We can go away proud because we have competed against them and it is a step forward despite the result.

“We are on the right track and while it was not a turning point in terms of the result, it was in terms of how we played and how we felt.”

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