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Atletico Madrid will maintain membership numbers of season ticket holders who died from COVID-19 

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The coronavirus brought a suspension in football season and the game came to a standstill. Atletico Madrid has decided to pay tribute to fans by retaining membership numbers of season ticket holders who died in the 2020-21 season.

So far 32 of the Rojiblancos members have died due to coronavirus. 

A message on the website of the club states: “We have gone through tough times during the past few months and the Atletico de Madrid family has not been oblivious to the effects of Covid-19.”

“We had to say goodbye to legendary players and coaches, who made Atleti famous during its existence, as well as some of our team members, sadly. The club will pay them a well-deserved tribute as soon as possible, in gratitude for their dedication and love of our colors, and to show that they will always remain in our memories.”

“Because of the extremely tough situations we are facing as a consequence of the health crisis, the club has agreed extraordinarily to honor and retain the membership numbers of all those who passed away during the 2020-21 season, as a symbolic act in their remembrance and in appreciation for their help.”

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