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At some point, Liverpool wishes to get title parade

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The Reds waiting for the end of a “terrible situation” whereas Tom Werner chairman of Liverpool hopes the club will be able to take on a title procession with their supporters at some point.

Reds can have their hold on another piece of big silverware according to Werner while being granted the chance to share the achievement with a devoted fan base after public safety issues are eased.

“It’s a hole in the life of so many people,” Werner told The Associated Press.

“Sport is important to their dreams and expectations. So of course, as far as Anfield is concerned, we are playing great games and are just a few matches away from lifting the cup. However, I put that in perspective. This is a horrible circumstance that we all consider ourselves in.”

“Hopefully, there will be a cure on someday so we will return to the excitement of sitting in a stadium and seeing fantastic football play beautifully.”

“We believe that people will sit next to each other and share the atmosphere of a sporting event. But at the moment it feels like a long way off.”

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