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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Asprilla: Zidane should respect James Rodriguez more

Asprilla: Zidane should respect James Rodriguez more

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Faustino Asprilla says he would tell the Real Madrid boss to “eat sh*t” if he was in the midfielder’s shoes, and according to him James Rodriguez requires more “respect” from Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane.

Asprilla’s compatriot has been pushed out of contention for regular minutes, he doesn’t recognize why it was done and he also thinks that with Zidane the former playmaker from Monaco has been far too patient.

“James is not irresponsible.” former Colombia forward commented to Blu Radio.

“He trains just like everyone else every day.”

“The coaches say all players are the same to give substitutes motivation, but there are three or four players who always play. There are teams at Real Madrid who come from the bottom down and who come up.”

“Don’t tell me that a World Cup’s top scorer is below Mariano, or anybody in the pecking order.”

“We need a little respect. James is careful so I’d say Zidane to ‘eat sh*t’.”