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Arthur Melo encouraged by Dani Alves to leave Barca

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After the initial cold shoulder of the midfielder, Dani Alves has reportedly assisted Arthur Melo to leave Barcelona for Juventus.

It proved difficult to protect the consent of the Brazilian as he strived to remain at Camp Nou as the trade deal between Arthur and Miralem Pjanic eventually went through last week.

Alves was one of the keys to the move happening. Gratefulness of ‘a series of phone calls,’ where the right-back clarified that in Turin he would have ‘a bigger role to play.’ Claimed ESPN  

In 2016-17 with the Bianconeri, the ex-Barcelona man gained a double domestic and surpassed the final of the Champions League.

“Alex Sandro and Douglas Costa were equally critical in convincing their countryman to accept the bid from the Old Lady,” added the website.

Arthur and Pjanic will see Barca and Juve out of the season once they switch teams.

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