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Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal legend will develop the Indian Football

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Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal legend will develop the Indian Football. Arsene Wenger, the legendary manager of Arsenal, will collaborate with the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to develop young talent and advance Indian football at the grassroots level. The 73-year-old is currently in charge of global football development for FIFA.

Wenger and other senior representatives from FIFA, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and the World Cup met with the AIFF to talk about youth development programs in India. The AIFF has developed a thorough plan with support from FIFA and the AFC in addition to working with other pertinent partners in Indian football.

The initiative, called Vision 2047, seeks to build a major league in the area, a robust football ecosystem, and India as one of Asia’s top footballing nations. The former Arsenal manager is anticipated to play a significant part in this strategy, which includes establishing grassroots initiatives in the nation of South Asia. After the roadmap was revealed, AIFF President Kaylan Chaubey spoke with Rediff about Wenger’s support.

“We have talked with the FIFA development team in great detail. The FIFA Task Force, which is led by Arsene Wenger, will support our grassroots initiative. Wenger’s team’s coaches would travel, “said Chaubey.

The proposed vision, according to Chaubey, would be carried out throughout six strategic four-year programs. “Six four-year strategy plans make up Vision 2047 and have been divided into them for careful implementation. The first of these aims to span the years up to 2026. We can undertake focused programs to address important areas indicated in this roadmap and assist in building capacity for the football ecosystem by working together toward a common goal and shouldering shared responsibility “added the AIFF president.

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