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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Arsene Wenger: I regret not being crowned Champions League winner in 2006

Arsene Wenger: I regret not being crowned Champions League winner in 2006

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Former Arsenal legendary boss Arsene Wenger revealed that it was not his plan to turn to less muscular players, but financial limitations meant he had no choice but to purchase younger people, After the break-up of his second great Gunners side in the mid-2000s.

In the Premier League, Arsenal left undefeated in 2003/04 and reached the final of the 2006 Champions League, Gunners finally slipped away from the top level and never completely returned.

 “In 2006 we moved into the new stadium at the Emirates. My regret is we could have crowned [that period] with a Champions League win. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I will never digest that we had to play with 10 men against Barcelona,” Wenger told The Athletic.

“Once we moved into the stadium that limited resources. At the same time, we had Chelsea and Manchester City coming in with huge finances and they bought our players.”

“At first [in the 1990s] we had players who never moved. Then we had players who moved after eight or nine years like Henry and Vieira. I replaced them with younger players because I thought it was the only way I could compensate.”

“It was not deliberate to buy players who were less strong. It was just the good players we found like [Cesc] Fabregas were smaller and less physical.”

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