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Arsenal must keep Mesut Ozil motivated, says Mikel Arteta

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In spite of being axed from the club’s Europa League team, Mikel Arteta says Arsenal must find a way to keep Mesut Ozil motivated, reports express.co.uk.

“It’s also up to us then to find ways to inspire those players,” the Spaniard said. 

“Age is not a major problem, I don’t think.”

“It’s very difficult when you’re young and you have to take a decision like that because you want to see your future building and developing and it’s a big stone in your path.”

“But it’s about how you react to disappointments every time and try to look at the overall picture and try to make the correct choices.”

Arteta added: “Before releasing the team, I wanted to tell them face to face.”

“I explained why and it was very hard for me to tell them that, but this is the constraint and rules and they have to follow that decision and try to practice as best as possible, assist the team they can at that moment and see what’s going to happen in December.”

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