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Arsenal is willing to make a big financial effort to keep Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

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To become one of the ever-present strikers of the Arsenal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was invited by Mikel Arteta to join in the team, The Mirror reports.

To realize their purchasing strength Arsenal must step into hard talks with Aubameyang wanting a £250,000-a-week three-year contract so the team is willing to make a big financial effort to keep him.

Gunners manager Arteta says he’s given Aubameyang his dream for the future so now it’s up to the team to negotiate the best opportunity to move into Europe would make a big difference towards being able to do it.

But Arteta still argues that, in the beliefs of Ian Wright, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, 31-year-old Aubameyang will join the Arsenal greats following his FA Cup final heroics.

Arteta said: “At this team, we have always had great strikers and Auba needs to be called and linked to the major stars. He will get similar to it by collecting awards the more he is there. Then we’ll be able to keep him for more.”

“The main thing was getting him to work the way he did. He was going to get more reward and more respect and our admiration would go to our respect. Admiration from his team-mates and the men who worked with him, and the supporters as well.”

“The most complicated thing in football is (goalscoring), he makes it look easy.”

Aubameyang ’s contract has a 12-month extension provision as his new £180,000-a-week agreement ends next year, but that will be activated by December 31 that will see his salary rise including a bonus considerably and cost the club around £20 m for a season.

Arsenal tries to make Aubameyang realize that he’s in a strong negotiating position and offer him a whole new contract to avoid the financial burden.