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Arsenal fans can request season ticket holiday 

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Every Premier League club, including Arsenal, is planning to welcome fans back before the end of the season. Arsenal offered fans an opportunity to request a “Season Ticket Holiday” for the coming season.

In a statement, Arsenal said: “Supporters will also have the option to request a Season Ticket Holiday for season 2021/22 if they do not wish, or are unable, to return next season.”

Arsenal will face Brighton on 23 May and expects 10,000 fans to attend their match, but they’ve also advertised their season-ticket plans for next year, in the hopes of filling the Emirates Stadium to capacity.

Seat rates have remained unchanged for the seventh year in a row for general admission season ticket holders and the fourth year in a row for premium season ticket holders.

“If restrictions return during the 2021/22 season, resulting in any matches being played without fans present or at reduced capacity, supporters will be entitled to a credit/refund for any fixtures they are not permitted to attend. Any supporters with ticketing credits in their account will have their credits deducted from their renewal price should they choose to renew their season ticket.”

“Any supporter who opts against renewing their season ticket will be able to withdraw the credit once the renewals window has closed. As in previous years, a low-cost finance option will be available to eligible supporters wishing to spread the cost of their membership across the season.”

Arsenal suffered a Europa League exit from Villarreal in the semi-final. The Gunners failed to reach the UEL finals to meet Manchester United at Gdansk in Poland on 26th May, three days before UEFA Champions League. 

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