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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Arsenal convicted Callegari for saying racial slur against Son on AFTV

Arsenal convicted Callegari for saying racial slur against Son on AFTV

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Arsenal has condemned a fan for making a racial slur on notorious supporters channel AFTV against Tottenham’s Son Heung-min.

“DVD’s going off, said Claude Callegari as Son was replaced on Sunday during Spurs’ 2-1 north London derby win and endured widespread criticism. DVD is a notorious racial offense against the people of Asia.

The channel has since “indefinitely” suspended Callegari. He apologized, but only after Robbie Lyle, the owner of the site, tried to explain the comment.


The Gunners distanced themselves from AFTV, which has more than 1 million viewers, and denounced the “unacceptable racial behavior.”

“We are aware of a video on social media in which an Arsenal supporter uses a racist slur towards Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min during Sunday’s match,” they said in a statement.

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