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Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni spoke ahead of World Cup

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Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni spoke ahead of World Cup. Before facing Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni declared that his squad would not alter its playing style. On November 22, Saudi Arabia will play Argentina, which is led by Lionel Messi. Scaloni told the media prior to the game that the team had already been selected. I today told the players. I won’t change it, and neither will we make changes to the system. You’ll find out tomorrow. Little will change significantly. Ngel provides us with a player who, like Joaqun, who left, can play both inside and outside, as a striker or playmaker.

He continued, “In the case of Nicolas Gonzalez, he has played on the left most of the time, and Thiago can provide us that with various qualities. That was our original thought. Other possibilities existed, but there was no time to waste. We are persuaded. He was questioned further regarding Enzo Fernandez, a midfielder for Benfica. Scaloni retorted that Enzo Fernández is excellent. Fortunately, all 26 players were able to switch roles and were accessible in case a change was necessary. Beyond what is seen at Benfica, Enzo is a player whose potential for the national team was already evident last year.

Argentina captain Lionel Messi speaks to the media prior to his team’s matchup against Saudi Arabia. The forward for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) claimed that he is now in good health. I don’t know if this is the happiest moment, but I do feel really good and more mature. This is a significant moment since it is undoubtedly my last World Cup and my last opportunity to achieve what we want so much. I make an effort to experience everything to the fullest, intensely, and, most importantly, to appreciate every second.

Lionel Messi, I have no problems at all. It’s only precautionary measures, despite what I had read about having to miss some of the training or training. There is nothing unusual or weird. Messi continued, “I think I like it all much more now than I did before; before, I didn’t think about it; I just played.” There are games every three days, so I didn’t have time to enjoy them; instead, I had to focus on getting ready for and winning the next game. Later, he concluded that sometimes a lot of the important things are overlooked; now I am more aware of that. With age comes a different way of looking at things and a greater emphasis on the little things, which I may not have noticed before.

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