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Antonio Conte is ready to “give everything” in the last eight Europe League

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Even though they will beat just to ensure they have no regrets Antonio Conte is enthusiastic for Inter to “give everything” in the last eight of the Europe League.

“We have to remain optimistic,” Conte said on Sunday at a pre-match news conference

“We’re working tirelessly to meet the target that must be the maximum possible. We’ll have to show it on the field to move from here to the end. They really can’t get concerns. We’re going to really get to give everything.”

“Whether it’s enough to get to the semi-finals, or finals, or lift the cup, we’re all going to be happy-then we’re going to go to if it’s good to go but without complaints.”

Inter is always raring to go, though a difficult schedule on his side has taken his toll, the coach admitted

“In harsh weather conditions, we come from playing loads of games in a row,” he said. 

“But there is excitement and the willingness to go to the semi-finals and tackle this obstacle.”

“I guess we’re all going to work to bring Inter back to where they belong now, to be a squad who can earn trophies.”

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