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Antoine Griezmann wasted his best times at Barcelona and Atletico

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Antoine Griezmann wasted his best times at Barcelona and Atletico. Antoine Griezmann is typically as direct as he is honest. The forward struggled at Camp Nou before his career spiraled into farce at Madrid, but he has now returned as his country’s most crucial player in Qatar. He acknowledged that Diego Simeone’s team had received exactly what they deserved when Atletico Madrid was eliminated from the European competition last month and contended that the only appropriate answer to any defeat is to squeeze your a**, work hard, shut your mouth, and fight.

It was therefore intriguing that Griezmann seemed a little offended by a question that was in fact a compliment while speaking to the press on Friday. In fact, a journalist complimented the player for rediscovering himself after appearing a little confused for a spell in the course of an apparently innocent inquiry regarding his excellent performance at Qatar 2022. To imply that I was lost is a bit cruel, Griezmann countered.

However, it would be absurd to imply otherwise. Between 2019 and 2022, Griezmann largely disappeared after playing such a crucial role in France’s successful World Cup campaign in Russia four years prior. His transfer to Camp Nou served as the impetus for a disastrous decline in form. Griezmann was the worst of a bad batch of transfers made by Barcelona, the product of former president Josep Maria Bartomeu’s final act of vanity in luring the Frenchman away from Atletico just to prove he could.

The forward was not desired by the Barcelona supporters. Remember, a documentary made by Gerard Pique the summer prior showed Griezmann declining to relocate to Catalunya. Naturally, after such a humiliating public rejection, the fans had neither forgotten nor forgiven. Griezmann made an effort to convince them. Though he did score 35 goals over the course of two full seasons at Camp Nou, by last summer he was only too eager to return to Atletico, and Barca was relieved to see him go.

The only problem, of course, was the price, since the Blaugrana were naturally anxious to minimize their loss on a €120 million signing. What happened next was absurd. Griezmann’s loan to Atletico was renewed, and it was for the 2022–23 campaign. However, Simeone was informed that he could only deploy the forward for 30 minutes at a time in an effort to avoid activating a €40 million appearance-based clause in the contract.

At that point, Didier Deschamps was beginning to have some concerns about Griezmann’s mental state. Griezmann had gone six months without scoring for club or country when France and Croatia drew 1-1 in June, and the French supporters booed him. He’s not in the best of spirits, and he won’t just click his fingers and put it all behind him,” Deschamps admitted. The fact that Griezmann didn’t play much at the beginning of the current season didn’t exactly help.

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