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Andy Robertson on VAR: same mistakes are being repeated, we need consistency

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Andy Robertson, Liverpool defender discussed the use of the VAR system in modern football.

“I think that Milner has expressed what many football players and fans feel. Many of those with whom I have spoken do not enjoy watching football as much as they used to. Every episode is watched, everyone is on the screen,” Robertson said to Reuters.

“I agree with Milly. I think that many players and fans would agree, too. Football is a great game that we love. It is important not to lose it. It is important to keep in mind the key values of football.”

“There is still a lot to improve. It’s been 18 months since the system was introduced, but we still see the same mistakes.”

“On Saturday, I did not have any problems with the fact that a penalty shootout was awarded after my rollout. But yesterday I watched the matches and saw two very similar episodes, after which there were no penalties.”

“In my opinion, in all three cases a penalty should have been imposed, or it should not have been imposed in any of them.”

“I think that this is where we are experiencing some difficulties. We just want consistency. We thought it would come with the introduction of the VAR, but maybe we are not getting it right now.”

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