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Andy Cole thinks Sancho’s price tag is crazy

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Andy Cole says with Jadon Sancho’s price tag of £109 million ($139 m) considered too big “in this current climate,” he understands the unwillingness of Manchester United to spend “crazy money” on Dortmund player.

The treble winner was asked whether United should meet Sancho’s price of Dortmund, he told the PA Agency

“That’s big money, crazy money.”

“You have no idea when punters will be welcomed back into the stadiums. Each club will probably lose total capital.”

“What does that say you when you look at a team like Real Madrid wasting no money? They didn’t do much business, so you know that there is something wrong with football.”

“Looking at it from the outside, I think Man United is thinking: ‘We’re not going to spend money willy-nilly. If the right person steps along at the right price, sure, we’re going to do it’. But in this current climate, £109 m?”

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