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Andy Cole: “I don’t want anyone to end up struggling as I did”

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In 2015, Manchester United Great Andy Cole had kidney failure and three years ago underwent a life-saving transplant. The former player is in quarantine due to a coronavirus epidemic.

He is now launching a research fund to help boost kidney transplantation and patient well-being.

Cole is now working to support others concentrating on work to improve kidney transplantation and patient well-being, through the Andy Cole Fund run by Kidney Research UK.

Over the next three years, the Andy Cole Fund seeks to raise at least £500,000 with mental health and well-being at the heart – and especially under-researched area for kidney disease.

Kidney Research UK Chief Executive Sandra Currie said, “We know that kidney failure can turn people’s lives upside down. It’s a terrifying time.

“Dialysis is grueling, and life with a transplant – if you are fortunate enough to get one – is filled with uncertainty and risk.

“Kidney failure affects not only the patients but their families and loved ones.”

“I’ve been mentally strong enough to play football, but this is the toughest battle I’ve ever had to deal with,” the former England striker said.

“I don’t want anyone to end up struggling as I did. The mental battle is bigger than the physical problem. Your mind is the most powerful thing in the world.”

Cole added: “My goal now is to find better ways to help make life better for people living with kidney disease or a transplant.

“If I can help anybody else, then I’ll do just that.

“I’m calling on anyone who is touched by my story to support the fund and give hope to kidney patients. We need hope now more than ever.”