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Andrea Pirlo states he is proud to start his career with Juventus as a coach

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Serie A and Premier League had also offered Andrea Pirlo, who recently chose the new Juventus under-23 coach designation to start his career as a manager and he’ll work closely with Maurizio Sarri.

Bianconeri B-Team is currently playing in Serie C, and Pirlo’s first job is to lead the B-team while the former midfielder decided to go into management.

Juve remains to be the only club to maintain a reserve team competing in the senior leagues, and no other Italian outfit has taken up that option so far.

“I ‘m proud to start this career as a coach and hope to experience some of the emotions that I’ve had as a player,” the 41-year-old said during his press conference.”

“I can’t wait to get started, because the years since my retirement have made me realize that this was the path I wanted to take. I am very pleased to be back at Juventus.”

“After 10 years in Milan, I arrived here and was greeted into this family. I got along well with the men here as well as the players, so I kept in touch and remained friendly when I left Turin. It’s not the same with Milan as when I was there, there is nobody left.”

“I also received Serie A and Premier League offers but I thought Juventus was the best place to start.”

Before completing his MLS career with NYCFC in January 2018, Pirlo played for the Bianconeri from 2011-15.

“Since I stopped playing, I had been studying, which increased my curiosity and desire to learn more, so I dived 100%. In my career, I had a lot of coaches and they all gave me something, from Carlo Ancelotti to Marcello Lippi and Max Allegri.”

“Nevertheless, each coach has to take his own path and I have a particular way of playing in my mind, it’s with the ball to feet and always going for victory. As a player, I hated certain things, and never wanted to see them again. Systems aren’t the problem, it’s about taking up space and working with player characteristics.”

“I would have liked to be playing in Juventus today. I like Sarri’s football style, the playmaker sees so much of the ball and I really would’ve enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to try to create a relationship with Sarri to help those young players grow and make their way into the senior team.”

“I need to explain what Juventus really means to those lads. Anyone who plays against us will want to win even more, and each time we have to prove ourselves.”

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