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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Andrea Pirlo: Ronaldo played an excellent match and proved his worth

Andrea Pirlo: Ronaldo played an excellent match and proved his worth

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Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo was pleased with Cristiano Ronaldo, following the win over Inter.

In Juventus’ 2-1 victory over Inter on Tuesday, Cristiano Ronaldo “proved his worth”, according to head coach Andrea Pirlo. 

In Europe’s top five leagues, the Portuguese star scored the highest number of braces, with eight in all this season’s competitions.

Pirlo thanked Ronaldo, who, with 13 minutes left, was substituted by Alvaro Morata.

“He played an excellent match and proved his worth,” Pirlo said according to the club’s official website.

On substituting Ronaldo, Pirlo added: “He is playing a lot and we have many matches very close to each other.”

“Saturday we will have a very important one against Roma, so I thought it would be good for him to rest and recover some energies.”

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