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Andrea Pirlo delighted to see Juve DNA in players

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Andrea Pirlo said that his players showed that they have the “Juventus DNA” to continue fighting until the end of this season’s matches.

Juventus head coach Andrea Pirlo was fascinated to notice the club’s “DNA” apparent in their 3-1 victory over Sassuolo in Serie A on Sunday.

As they traveled to Milan with a game in hand within seven points of leadership the victory helped the Bianconeri notch three straight Serie A victories for the first time since July 2020.

“We can improve our quality, we can play better or worse, but the determination is an element that must never be lacking,” Pirlo told a post-match media conference.

“It has to be in the Juventus DNA, the determination and desire to push until the last minute.”

“It was important for us to give a sense of consistency by winning this evening, otherwise the win at Milan on Wednesday wouldn’t mean anything.”

“We were a little sluggish at times this evening, but we became a little less organised and more determined, so we showed the hunger required to win the game.”

“We are Juventus and therefore have the pressure on us to win every game. We have to face every match as if it’s a final, then we’ll see where we are closer to the end of the season.”

“These games are fascinating to play for everyone, they inevitably raise the concentration levels and the tension too.”

“If we don’t play every game with the right concentration and determination, we will struggle.”

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