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Ancelotti hailed squad for defending Liverpool

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For defending Liverpool, Carlo Ancelotti praised his team but acknowledged that they had chances at the other end.

Ancelotti’s side had come near to getting all three points which made him a little frustrated at how this happened, while he was satisfied with the quality of their results.

“Really we came pretty close to it, but it was a difficult game, a rough game,” he said at the press conference. “We’ve performed really well.”

“We’ve been focused, we’ve sacrificed. In the end, we had the opportunity to score. Liverpool played a good game, they had more possession, but we were really good defensively. ”

“They pushed very far, so it was hard to find a response from the bottom, so we opted to play a longer game.”

“Offensively, we were attempting to build from the back. They pressed very high, so it was hard to find a response from the back, so we decided to play a long ball.”

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