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HomeEPL (English Premier League)An unidentified football unveiled his identity in an open letter

An unidentified football unveiled his identity in an open letter

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In an open letter, an anonymous footballer from the Premier League has proclaimed that he is gay – but sustains his individuality sneaked from his team-mates.

The letter is aimed at authorities and fans. He writes about the daily torment he is currently facing and he says he is taking the ‘great step’ of revealing his sexuality.

The footballer asserted, though, that his game is not fit for a player to announce that he is publicly homosexual and has said that he is terrified to uncover his integrity.

The player wrote in the letter, seen by The Sun: “I am gay. For me, even writing down that in this letter is a big step. But only members of my family and a select group of friends are conscious of my orientation. I don’t feel prepared to discuss that with my team or manager.”

“How does this feel to be living like this? This can be an absolute nightmare every day. And that is increasingly affecting my mental health.” he says.

“I feel trapped and my fear is revealing the truth about what I am that will only make matters worse.”

There are currently no openly gay or bisexual professional male footballers in the country.