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Aminata Diallo denied involvement in attack on teammate

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Paris Saint-Germain women’s footballer Aminata Diallo has denied any involvement in the street attack on her teammate Kheira Hamraoui in her first public statement about the incident that rocked the Qatar-owned club on Friday. Diallo was driving her teammate Hamraoui home last Thursday night near Paris after dinner when her car was stopped by two masked men.

They pulled Hamaraoui out and thrashed her with a metal bar on her feet, meaning she could not play in this week’s Champions League clash with Real Madrid in PSG’s clash. Diallo was detained by police at her home on Wednesday and held in custody for nearly 35 hours before being released without charge, with investigators investigating whether rivalry on the ground could explain the violence, as per football news.

Diallo “expects that the judicial officers will conclude their investigation expeditiously and are certain that this will prove her complete and complete innocence,” a statement issued by her lawyer on Friday wrote.

The statement condemned the “totally artificial suggestion of a rivalry between her and Kheira Hamraoui, which would explain why she was targeting her teammate. This theory does not reflect the reality of their relationship at all.”

The French press reported that Hamraoui raised the alarm about Diallo when she filed a police complaint about the attack, highlighting the unusual route taken by her teammate and the slow speed of their vehicle when the attackers exploded.

Aminata Diallo denied any involvement in the attack and criticized the “speculation of the media, who have already condemned her without justification, and she would not hesitate to take legal action against any defamation, if necessary.”

“Other more serious theories are now being explored by investigators that do not involve my client,” the lawyer said. Her overnight detention at a police station in Versailles outside Paris was also unnecessary “given that she could have made a statement without coercion,” he said.

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