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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Alessandro Costacurta belives AC Milan will fight until the end

Alessandro Costacurta belives AC Milan will fight until the end

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Alessandro Costacurta, former Milan defender believes the Rossoneri will ‘react’ to the defeat against Atalanta and ‘fight until the end’.

When Gian Piero Gasperini’s men won 3-0 at San Siro, the Diavolo’s lost their second match in Serie A 2020-21 against La Dea on Saturday.

But Costacurta doesn’t think the positive run ends here for Stefano Pioli’s team.

“They lost to a beautiful Atalanta,” he told Corriere della Sera. “By playing their worst game of the season.”

“But they will know how to react. I hear they will not fight for the Scudetto until the end: I don’t think so.”

“The race is open between the two Milan sides, for Juventus and a fourth team that I won’t say because I haven’t identified them yet.”

“The balance is constantly changing.”

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