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Alan Shearer: Liverpool lost important player and fans

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Alan Shearer, former England forward commented on Liverpool’s problems this season.

“They’re human. The players lack confidence. There are one or two players out there who have faced that,” Shearer said to Liverpool Echo.

“They have lost their most important player [Virgil van Dijk], they are playing without their fans. Can you imagine those fans at the moment when Man City failed to convert a penalty when Liverpool equalized? That section of the match would have been amazing and they certainly missed it.”

“There are problems in creation as well. I’m referring to the fact that they had one moment in the first half – the episode when Mane kicked a header. They were gifted a goal in the second half. Also, Man City won the match decently in the second half.”

“In the first half, their lead was not that strong. In the second half, when Pep switched to a 4-4-2, Man City looked much better than Liverpool as a team.” 

Liverpool is now fourth in the EPL table with 40 points after 23 league games. Jurgen Klopp’s side will face third-placed Leicester on 13 February.

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