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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Ahead of new PL season Shahid Khan won’t modify Fulham

Ahead of new PL season Shahid Khan won’t modify Fulham

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Insisting that the club has learned from their mistakes from their last season of top-flight, Fulham owner Shahid Khan indicated that the club will not make significant changes to their squad before the new Premier League season.

Khan said in an open letter to fans on Friday: “Be assured that we are going to be a team moving forward in its purest sense.”

“We’re not going to be scared to change and attach pieces to our lineup but not at the cost of a squad’s heart and soul that bled, fought and suffered to return Fulham to the Premier League.”

“Creating a team may be a difficult idea for a freshly formed side, and that’s particularly true this year with the start of the season now nearly upon us. Football turnover is inevitable.”

“But this team has experience in the Premier League and our players and our young and talented head coach enjoy Fulham Football Club as well. There’s a lot to discuss in this squad now, and just as much to like in our future.”

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